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But, what are Pequel Shops?

We are a place for you to make small, virtual garage sales. You can share links to your shop or even anonymous items, in case you don't want the shopper to have access to your sale

Are these free?

Yes, but they have limitations, a shop runs for up to 6 months and is limited in amount of products.

Can I sell anything?

No, must be legal in both the place you live and the place whoever the purchaser lives.

How do you make money?

We will run Ads and try sponsored links and donation links, we will keep it up while the cost is not too much for us.


We migrated from our country recently and this was useful to sell our stuff, other people might be in the same spot

How does people get to my shop?

You give them the link to the shop, to an item or to an anonymous item (bear in mind they can't find the shop from the anonymous one)

This documentation is rather poor

Yes, there are only two of us and do this on our spare time, which is not a lot, it will get better.